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Gala Show




SATURDAY 23rd MAY 2020
Opening: 19h  (Show starts at 19:30h)
A beautiful, exciting, unique experience.
Dance as an art of expression, communication, encounter and evolution.
To live is to savor every moment and learn.
Enjoy, live and taste this delicious bite with us ...
A surprising and entertaining show with the Eva Sampedro Tribal Ballet, together with the wonderful artists Moria Chappell (Seattle, USA) and Giulio Dilemni (Bergamo, Italia).
With the special collaboration of the talented group of dancers “Aswan” (Zaragoza).
Enjoy the artistic potential of the Tribal Fusion Bellydance, a hypnotic, exciting, captivating style that challenges the limits of creativity and expression, far from conventions.
"The Tribal Spirit is dancing without labels, without limits, with imagination, as a universal language."
"The Tribal Spirit is connecting to different emotions, different cultures, different people ... whose hearts are the same, the same spirit."
Saturday 23th May 2020
Corazonistas Theater (Zaragoza)
Tickets: 13(the seats are numbered).
Tickets reserved and not paid before Friday, 8th May, will be offered again for sale.
For organizational reasons will NOT be accepted return of tickets already paid and / or collected.
SHOW LOCATION: Teatro Corazonistas (Zaragoza) - Paseo de la Mina, 1 (corner Cesáreo Alierta) (entrance by Cesáreo Alierta)
OPENING HOUR: 19 h. (Start show: 19:30 h.) (Punctuality is requested, once the show has begun, access to the room will be restricted)
- Out of respect for dancers and spectators, please mute your mobile.
- Children's responsibility is requested. Remember that there are dancers concentrated on stage and attentive spectators in the room.
- Due to agreement with the solo guest artists, it is not allowed to record their performances. Group numbers can be recorded. Thank you very much for collaborating.
- We appreciate your enthusiasm, motivation and good energy. We wish you like it and enjoy a beautiful experience!
- Reservations will be kept in strict order of request until tickets are sold out.
- Collection of tickets at Eva Sampedro Oriental Dance School - C / Don Pedro de Luna, 25, local; 50,010 Zaragoza (next to Delicias street).
- If you come from outside of Zaragoza ask for an account number for a bank transfer and collect your ticket at the theatre half an our before the show.